Thursday, January 19, 2017

Tips to Completely Eradicate Pests From Your Home

A pest infested home is a stressful place to live in. The creatures are not only a nuisance but also pose a big health risk to you and your family members, including pets. Finding a reliable and long lasting solution to the problem is extremely important. You can get reputable exterminators in Midrand to do the job for you or you can do a DIY. If you choose the latter, have come up with a few valuable tips to help you gain control of your home.

First, you must start by asking yourself what brings the pests into your home. Most of these creatures will be attracted into the home by certain factors. The most common ones being dirt, darkness, and dampness. There has to be a favourable environment where they can thrive, for them to invade your home. Therefore, your first tip to eliminating pests would be more of a prevention measure. Don’t wait for them to come for you to start looking for solutions.

Create an environment in your home that would be hard for pests to live in. Start by cleaning up the surrounding thoroughly. Both the inside and outside of your home. There should be constant supply of fresh air and light into the rooms. Especially the basement and garage. Majority of pests only need food, and a place to hide and reproduce. Once they get these two, your home will be a pest kingdom within a few weeks of their arrival. Mark you, a good number of them reproduce at a very high rate. Therefore, waiting to see signs for you to react may be too late.

Cleaning your home is a hassle-free way of keeping rodents, cockroaches, and other pests at bay. In fact, if you keep it up, you may never experience pest issues in your life.

Natural repellents

After cleaning up, you could have a look at some natural repellents that will ensure pests stay away from your compound completely. Number one would be the peppermint smell for mice. The smell disgusts rodents so much that they wouldn’t come anywhere close if you apply peppermint oil or plant peppermint plants near the house.

To deal with flies, look for basil and plant it in pots which should be placed at doorways and window seals. For spiders, go and get citrus while vinegar acts as a good antidote for ants’ infestation. When it comes to wasps, it is as simple as buying a fake nest. Apparently, wasps are very territorial and wouldn’t build a nest within 20 yards of another one.

These repellents are not only cost-effective but also time saving. Once they have been set up, your home will be pest-proof for a very long time. This helps you to enjoy some peace of mind, which, then leads to increased productivity.

Other useful ways you could look at include setting traps for the pests, and making use of beneficial animals which feed on the pests. For the mice, you could invest in a cat or attract owls into the neighbourhood. It is believed that one family of owl can feed on more than 3,000 mice in a nesting season. Talk of your stress being another creature’s feast!

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