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Black Sea coast – boundless expanse of sea, beaches and unique natural creations

Bulgarian Black Sea coast is a magnificent coastline as rare in the world. This is a gracious blend of unique natural creations consequence of the eternal struggle on land and water.

Bulgarian Black Sea coast is clear meridional spreading. It covers dry coast from 40-60km and coastal water area with a width of 22.224 kilometers. Overall, the Bulgarian coast (378 km.) Is slightly indented, but the coastal landscape is extremely diverse. From the Romanian border to Cape Shabla relief the lowest Beach diversify the lakes Durankulak, Ezeretsko and Shabla, Shabla Tuzla, beaches and sand bars.

Between Cape Shabla and Cape Kaliakra karst limestone layers of Dobrudzha plateau at the shore end with steep cliffs and landslide steps. In them there are numerous caves and niches, the coast is dotted with protruding underwater rocks. In the picturesque bay of Varna on the golden beaches with fine-grained sand majestically ascend slopes swaths of Dobrudzha, Frangensko and Momino plateau.

Cape Kaliakra –  the high rocky cape, like a ship, cuts through 2 km into the sea and close protected from north winds bay. This beautiful place inaccessible from three sides was settled by the Thracians. They built a stone wall from the north to block the only access to the nose. The fortress was called Tirizis, the name of their tribe – tirizi. In Roman times the fort became known as Accra (from Acros Castellum – “fortified nose”). In the Roman province of Scythia Minor (Dobrudzha) in importance and size acre retreat just Tomi (Kyustendja) and Dionisopolis (Balchik).

The Old mountain part of the Black Sea represents an amazing view of the boundless expanse of sea, beaches and wooded mountain ridges, crowned by the majestic Cape Emine. After it stands out the Nessebar and Pomorie peninsula and the large Burgas bay – the westernmost point of the Black Sea. Around it, in the vast Burgas valley, are the largest Bulgarian lakes.

In the south, all the way to the border with Turkey, extends the wonderful South Coast – a true chain of rocky headlands ending mountain spurs of Strandzha small picturesque coves with beaches and sand bars and several small islands (St. Anastasia, St. John, Snake island etc.), scattered along the coast.

Curious: Between Primorsko and Kiten is extensive Devil’s Bay, where farther inland marked indentation whose penetration is small and quiet bay Atliman. Once, the beautiful girl Stana Urdovizka agreed to become the wife of the Sultan if he freed the land that she can tour a horse from sunrise to sunset. The horse, which became toured the area in the evening died from overwork among small cove. Since then, local people call the nearest Strandzha region Hasekia (land, exempted from all taxes), the cove – Atliman (Horse’s bay) and the steep rocky promontory south of it – Urdoviza.

To visit the Bulgarian Black Sea coast is the most convenient to travel by plane and landing at Varna Airport. From there depending on how much time you have you can prepare a route. We warn you to be careful with the local airport cabs. Тhere are many fraudulent companies. We recommend to look for a licensed airport transport Varna agency.

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