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Your favorite coffee shows your character

There is no way to have tasty coffee, if the originator – the grain is not rich enough. Wrong is the notion that coffee bitter and this is its face. Fruits not become bitter in flavor, with some exceptions, of course.

Coffee from the coffee bush to the cup in our hands is a long process that takes thousands of hands, diligence and care. No less important than the terroir is roasting coffee. Every baker has his own vision or should have, for his coffee and how it wants to look in the eyes of the people what they want to imagine when they drink it. This is the moment after the love of farming – the artistic component of the roaster. To achieve balance, or at least his views on the balance, it must be able to accept the risk to experiment, even diving into unknown waters, constantly trying, again and again, to finish the job of terroir, because he himself depends on whether you will enjoy the divine taste and aroma.

Clinical psychologist Dr. Raman Durvasula found that the favorite coffee of a particular person can demonstrate basic traits of his character.The survey was conducted among 1,000 fans of the drink.The psychologist has complied with the types of character and psychological traits such as extroversion and introversion, patience, perfection, warmth, alertness, sensitivity and boldness.

After the experiment, Dr. Durvasula grouped lovers of different types of coffee, united by common characteristics.

Lovers of black coffee – that are quiet and straight people. They look cold and derogatory. These people are sensible and stubborn, enjoying the simple things in life.

Lovers of latte – these people love to give pleasure to others. Always ready to help, but rarely pay attention to their own needs. Very easy get nervous.

Lovers of ice coffee – these people have kept the child in himself. Very sensitive and highly susceptible. Sometimes they act very foolishly, following the youthful spirit.

Lovers of decaffeinated coffee – these people have a heightened sensitivity to detail. They like to control other people and circumstances. Can be very obsessive.

Lovers of cappuccino – these are romantic natures that are often lost in dreams. These people have an innate kindness and open soul. Most of them are addicted to sweets.

The new study by Dr. Durvasula shows that drinking coffee than pleasure, can also be an indicator of psychological traits of a person.

Italian psychologists also believe that among your favorite coffee and character of the person has a connection.

They identify several groups of characters to the preferred type of coffee.

Long coffee – these people are perfectionists and devote time to the smallest detail in their work. Loyal and honest in dealing with people.

Short coffee – these people are very honest and strive to tell the truth to all your contacts. They are focused and have leadership qualities. Do not give up easily and are confident in themselves.

Coffee with milk – This type of people homebody. For them, are important coziness and serenity. They are excellent chefs, but they are very conservative.

Weak coffee – These people are patient, balanced and tolerant. Love walks. Difficult decisions and often do not keep their promises.

In conclusion no matter what coffee drink as long as it is high-quality coffee.

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